Tc cloud

ThunderCloud is an App mobile advertising platform that uses Keys & Values to create meaningful customer interactions and generate highly targeted, custom audiences.

Monetize Your Mobile App | Increase Your Ad Revenue Today‎

Do you have published a mobil app? Are you a mobile app developer? Publish your app here on and tell us about your app's special moments:
Publish key events and data in order to get matched & picked by marketing campaigns.
We split profit 50/50!

You do not have any costs here! The service is for free for you!!!

Follow these easy steps to join & monetize your App:

  1. Signup here
  2. List your App(s)
  3. List application-keys - let's assume you have a gaming app, cool keys are:
    1. highscore
    2. level
    3. life(s)
  4. start to post keys & values to our free API
  5. start to earn money: whenever your app or values from our app are being used by a subscribed campaign, you will get your cut. You can see your earning in your dashboard.