You do Marketing?

setup up your advertisers profile ( you can have many), setup campaigns, mix & match apps and key events and wait for them to happen!(they will!!!).
Once the criteria are satisfied, your campaign will be run (email?, push?, sms-text?)....
Mobile app 'TETRIS' send a new highscore to Thundercloud, Location 'NYC' --- now if that woould match your campaign and our algorithm picks your campaign then we will run your actionable items, eg your campaign email. As simple as that. great!

mobile marketing based on custom mobile app events - mobile moments triggering your marketing campaign!

Follow these easy steps to join & market your campaign:

  1. Signup here
  2. Create a profile as Advertiser
  3. List your Campaigns
  4. Charge Credits & assign to Advertiser & Campaigns
  5. Subscribe to Apps / Match your Campaign Keys against Application-keys - let's assume you are interested in gaming app(s), cool keys are:
    1. highscore
    2. level
    3. life(s)
  6. Setup up Actionitems
  7. once app data comes in, you campiagn will run depending on the values & matching principles
  8. your campaign will trigger various to come! (soon!!!)